Camille Blatrix and Joschua Brunn (Carmine Brown)


Designers Camille Blatrix and Joschua Brunn came up with their idea for Orillon in a Parisian bar, a venue where the countertop dice game 421 was once a popular pastime. The game is simple but addictive – players use three dice to rack up as many points as possible over the course of 10 rounds.

When approached by Kvadrat to create an object using its Febrik knitted textiles, Blatrix and Brunn’s experience of 421 led them to the idea of designing a dice tray. The padded nature of knitted textiles mean they work well as a shock absorber, allowing players to roll and throw their dice without too much bounce.

Orillon consists of a cherrywood CNC-machined frame, which is upholstered with Febrik Sprinkles – the playful pattern of which inspired Blatrix and Brunn

The sporty feeling of the Febrik collection invited us to think of a playful application.

- Camille Blatrix and Joschua Brunn

Camille Blatrix and Joschua Brunn (Carmine Brown)

Camille Blatrix is a French designer whose work has been shown at CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, the Kunstverein Braunschweig, and the Kunsthalle Basel. Joschua Brunn is a German designer based in Paris, who spent five years in the studio of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec before setting up an independent practice. Together, they have run the design studio Carmine Brown since 2019, focusing their practice on creating editioned design pieces executed using contemporary craft techniques.