Lim + Lu


When the team behind Hong Kong-based design studio Lim + Lu saw Kvadrat Febrik’s crystalline Razzle Dazzle motif, they were reminded of monolithic icebergs grinding across one another as they float through the ocean.

Inspired by this visual connection, the studio designed Berg, a chaise longue whose stark form is softened through the use of knitted textiles. The seat’s sculptural composition is designed to reflect what the studio saw as contradictions inherent within the formation of icebergs: monuments shaped by nature whose myriad forms nevertheless appear to have been chiselled by hand.

The sleek metal base of Berg describes a gentle curve, which contrasts with the angular pattern of its textile upholstery. This architectural form reflects the background of studio founders Vincent Lim and Elaine Lu, who originally trained as architects at Cornell University.

Much like icebergs – or the discipline of architecture in which Lim and Lu trained – the ambiguous scale of Berg is such that it only becomes legible when seen in proximity to people. This interest in the interaction between people, spaces and object is recurrent throughout Lim + Lu’s work across architecture, interiors and furniture.

In the case of Berg, however, this interest in interrelations serves a secondary purpose. With Berg, Lim + Lu hope to prompt reflection on humanity’s interaction with the environment and offer a reminder of the imminent consequences of climate change.

When we saw Razzle Dazzle the imagery really reminded us of colliding icebergs.

- Lim + Lu

Lim + Lu

Lim + Lu is a Hong Kong-based practice providing architecture, interior, furniture and product design services. With ties to East and West, co-founders Vincent Lim and Elaine Lu seek to balance cultures and initiate dialogue through users’ interactions with their creations. Their accolades include being named on such prestigious lists as Forbes’s 30 Under 30 Asia, Perspective Magazine’s 40 Under 40, and AD China’s 100 Most Influential Architects and Designers.